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July 19, 2012
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WATER FIGHT! [Hetalia: Japan x Reader]

"Nihon, Nihon~!"

Your cheery voice broke through the hot summer haze as you waved at your Axis Power friend, Japan. He was still in his formal white uniform, gold-colored buttons still buttoned up to his collarbone; he was obviously sweating, but he refused to run around in swimming trunks although you, Germany and Italy have tried convincing him to do so.

"What, [Name]?"

"Please play with us? Please?"

"For the rast time, [Name], I said no. It's dishonorable to run around naked without a top."

"They're just swimming trunks, Nihon~it's not like you're running around completely naked!"


You were dressed in a light pink one-piece swimsuit, your [h/c] hair tied up into a ballet bun as you pulled the hose further out from the coil and turned the water up to spray Italy. He screamed as the icy jet hit his back, and immediately pulled out a white flag.

"Ve, ve ve ve [Name]! I surrender, just don't spray me anymore!" Italy cried, already soaking wet. His hair was dripping, and his eyes were open for once, making him look like a really sad basset hound. You sighed, and took pity on the poor guy. "You're no fun, Italy! But let's see how fun Japan can be, huh?" You turned the hose's nozzle setting from "JET-LO" to "JET-HI" and aimed at Japan, who was now sitting down on the lawn chair, looking as if he was going to get heat stroke. He was fanning himself, eyes closed with a magazine (Shonen Jump?) and was pretty much oblivious to the world around him. You snickered, and whispered to yourself, "Get ready for [Name]'s awesome attack, Nihon! You're going to be soaking wet in just a minute!"

You went trigger-happy from there. A jet of water was blasted from the hose, and it hit Japan right in the face. He spluttered for a little bit, and
shouted angrily at you, red-faced: "[Name], so that's how you want to pray [1]! So be it!" Then the man stood up, and went inside your house to dry off or something. You started laughing, while Italy still sat on the lawn, baffled by your behavior.

"[Name], ve... I think that Nihon's really mad," Italy said worriedly. "He's probably going to get you back for this one, ve..."

"Italy, you have to agree with me on this one that Japan needs to lighten up, right?" You poked the Italian's head, and he nodded.

"VE, but I'm warning you, [Name]! Just be careful," the peppy Italian persisted. You chuckled and ruffled his hair, and took Japan's lounge chair. You began to read Naruto in the soggy Shonen Jump Japan had abandoned, but the warm sunlight combined with a cool breeze that just drifted by lulled you to sleep...


You woke up, blubbering and spluttering on about how you didn't kiss Japan. Well, that was a nice dream gone. You shook your head, and wrung out your soaking-wet hair. "Arrgh!" You looked up to see it was Japan, with another one of his cute little toys. You did a double-take. That thing wasn't little. It was huge. And it was a water gun.

"A-ack! N-Nihon, I think if there's a problem we can talk about it--brewrfrf!" You were stopped from another spray of water from the water gun.
Japan smiled lightly, and said, "Gomenasai, [Name], but I think we're going to get even today, but not by tarking!" [2] You screamed, and with a smile you began to run barefoot as Japan chased you with a mellow look on his face, all ninja-like. You sighed mentally as you ran away, going all anime desu-desu with the sparkles. "He's so kawaii~"

"NIHON YOU CAN'T CATCH MEEEE. I'M JUST TOO FAST FOR AN OLD MAN LIKE-OOF." Your harrassing taunts were cut short as you ran into the maple tree in your front yard. Curse you, Canada. You didn't even want that maple tree for your birthday in the first place. Japan flipped out as soon as he saw you, out of breath. He crawled over and picked you up, going inside the house to let you recover.

At least you got the serious, polite Japan to do something silly and loosen up, right? It was worth it!


"Grr! Why the heck did that tree have to be in my way while I was on a spree?" You grumbled as Japan slipped a Band-Aid over the small cut on your head, which just stopped bleeding. You had come nearly close to tears, but of course you wouldn't cry in front of your friend. He'd think you were some sort of whiny idiot. He'd changed from his wet uniform into a white wife-beater, and a pair of black pants. You were still in your swimming suit, sitting on the sofa while Japan put away the rubbing alcohol.

"Ah, [Name]. Would you like to watch some anime or some movies with me?" Kiku asked in a pleasant tone, tipping his head a little. He pulled out some anime DVDs from his Totoro bookbag (I KNOW RIGHT) and began to let you scour through them.

"Zatch Bell, Pokemon, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Naruto..." you began sifting through the pile. "Death Note, .hack, Mouse?!"

You stopped dead at the last title, and Kiku, blushing like crazy, snatched it away from your grabby hands.

"T-that's not supposed to be in there, gomen!" He apologized and stuffed it in his Totoro tote bag again, and zipped it up. You gave him a sly, questioning look, but when you came upon Ouran High School Host Club, you smiled and shoved it in your DVD player. After a while, you went through all the rest of the DVDs in the bag until it was nightfall.

You yawned, Kiku was watching from the other side of the couch. It was pretty contagious, watching someone yawn; then he too, yawned, politely covering his open mouth with his right hand when suddenly...


You'd dozed off, and fell into Kiku's lap.

"N-nani?!" was all he could blurt, his face now positively a shade of pink to red. However, you didn't hear. Kiku sighed, and then gave a tiny smile as one of those fan-made Miku videos came on.

"Last night, Good night
Last night, Good night

kono yoru kimi no te
nigitte nemuruyo


sutekina? asa wo mou ichido
kimito sugosetanara
chiisana sonna kibou sae
omou dake no kiseki

nanimo tsutaenai mama
sayonara wa ienaiyo

Last night, Good night
Last night, Good night

kono koe karetemo
kienai melody

Last night,Good night
Last night,Good night

itsukawa mukaeru
saigowo omouyo
yozora ni negau no
tokiwa no egao wo


As the video ended, Kiku found himself singing along softly with the song. The screen went dark, and he shut off the TV set, sighing contentedly as he leaned down and gave you a small peck on the lips.

"Ai shiteru..."

He just found out how fun and interesting you could be, no matter how informal, or dishonorable you could get. It didn't matter.


The next morning, you woke up on the couch with a blanket covering your body, and a Pikachu-patterned pillow under your head. On the table in front of you, there was a small jar of origami stars in many hues of different colors.

"Arigato, Kiku," you said out loud, smiling widely to yourself.
A request for mahriburgers. :) Hope you enjoy!

COMMENTS PLZ :iconbelarusplz:

[1] and [2]
If you're confused, just replace the r's that you feel that shouldn't be there with l's.

It's a stereotype that all Asians have that accent, and it impacts how they say their l's as r's instead, as demonstrated in the dubbed anime.

The jar of stars is often considered a thought of kindness, sincerity or love in the Asian culture as well, especially when it comes to Japan or China.

Mouse (full title of anime not given) is an inappropriate anime you readers shouldn't watch. XD

Last Night, Good Night is a really cute song. If you don't know what it is yet, please go Google it.

Gomen/Gomenasai - Sorry, I'm sorry
Nihon - Japan
Arigato - Thank you

If there's anything you don't understand, please ask below. :)


I've always considered Japan to be my older brother, since my OC is another slice of China nii-san! :) So it was a little... odd to have your older brother Japan kiss you while you were sleeping. XD



Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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