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Submitted on
November 21, 2012
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Being at an amusement park had its benefits, for sure.

"There's a photo booth over there, guys! Let's go take some photos!" Your voice was full of glee as you skipped toward the small photo booth, an eerie black curtain blocking the inside from the outside world of chaos. Ludwig sighed and turned away, muttering, "No thanks," as he and Feliciano went to get some cotton candy from a nearby vendor; however, Antonio, Francis and Gilbert did the opposite.

"Kesese—of course little [Name] wants to take pictures with the Awesome Me!" Gilbert declared triumphantly with excitement shining in his red eyes. He hooked his arm with yours around the elbow as you giggled uncontrollably (must've been that soda you had earlier), dragging you into the booth. He glared at the money slot and squinted, grumbling, "Three… dollars. Tche! How un-awesome!" as he unwillingly pulled out his wallet.

As a small warning, you could hear Francis yelling, "Oi, wait up for moi!" and Antonio shouting, "Poco tomate, just a second!" before the two squished into the booth as well. You yelped and stood up for a split second, and were going to sit back down on the bench—but instead you sat down in Francis' lap.


"Ohonhonhon!" Francis cooed, stroking your hair as you turned a bright shade of red.

"Aww, red as a tomato!" Antonio joined in.

"Ahh, finally got the American money to go into the verdammen slot! Kesese! Guys, guys—and lady. Let's strike an awesome diplomatic pose!"

You waited uncomfortably as the Bad Touch Trio made weird faces as the camera counted down three times. You heaved a sigh as you jumped out of the squashed booth, and laughed when the BTT fell on top of each other trying to get out. Just in time, Ludwig came back and realizing the pictures had come out, he picked it up and squinted at it.

"Pretty legit, isn't it, kleinen bruder?" Gilbert crowed, snatching the photos away from his little brother.

"Ja," Ludwig replied, shrugging slightly. "I guess you could say that."

Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis' facial expressions all turned dark as they inspected the photos. You popped up behind Gilbert and saw them for yourself, just as he turned around to meet you.

All four photos were of your face. Each one was a special one, but because you were in front of the camera, no one else appeared in any of the four photos total.

"It looks like someone deserves to be spanked…" Francis uttered as Antonio nodded in agreement, arms folded.

"After her!" Gilbert screamed as you started running for your life.

"No—but wait, it's not my fault, the booth was way too crowded and I was sitting on Francis' lap—kyahhhhhhh!"

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