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November 24, 2012
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You shifted uncomfortably in bed as Ludwig continued to try but with no avail, get the power back on. It'd been snowing for a while, and since the five inches you had trudged through earlier, you weren't sure how much snow had fallen on top of it. The cold you got from being outside for so long still had its aftereffects on you; your nose was a touch of red, your hair disheveled and your eyes still half-closed—after all, you were pretty lethargic, and as proof you yawned about every ten minutes or so. You turned around to open the curtains just a peek to check up on the situation outside; the snow plowing trucks still hadn't come around yet, and it was building up pretty thick on the windowsill.

You lay back down, and stared at the clock's second hand tick slowly. It was almost nine o' clock. A plate of little brown crumbs with flecks of frosting sat abandoned on the dresser, Gilbert was asleep curled up next to your feet on the king-sized bed, while the cats purred and did whatever cats do. You, Gilbert and Ludwig ended up playing Halo for the rest of the snowy day—of course, Gilbert spent most of his daytime fooling around on your computer so he was a pro—therefore, it came to the conclusion Gilbo would win anyways and so you and Ludwig forfeited. Of course, you two retreated to the basement, where you spent most of the time under a pile of quilts, with some cold medicine, in front of a flickering, cozy fire—WITHOUT the cockblocking Gilbert.

"Um, hey," you stuttered nervously. "T-thank you for finding me earlier this afternoon and also for baking me a cake and getting groceries and stuff…"

Ludwig looked up from his book and replied, "Was? [Name], what's with your sudden meekness…?"

You looked away slightly and murmured, "Nothing, really. I'm just really grateful, I guess."

You closed your eyes for a second, but when you opened them you realized Ludwig had gotten up to sit cross-legged in front of you, his expression serious and unfaltering. Your heart kept skipping a beat as you stared into his sky-blue eyes, and he stared back.

"Don't be ashamed of being grateful," he whispered, leaning down. Before you knew it, his lips were on yours and you were locked into a heated kiss. For a minute, you were really surprised Ludwig would actually make a move on you; then you thought, "Whatever" and continued by running your hands through his hair. And much to your shock, he was also a really good kisser.

"Wow," you managed to breathe heavily before his lips crashed onto yours again. One of his arms slipped around your waist as you slid down further into the quilts, blushing furiously. The PJs you had on seemed a bit too itchy for you, and just as you were about to kiss Ludwig back, he backed off.

"S-sorry…" he muttered gingerly. "I don't know what got into me."

"U-uh… It's fine," you replied, giving him the 'it's all OK!' grin. He grinned back slightly and stared into the crackling flame for a few seconds, and returned to his reading as you dozed off again. Of course you didn't notice, but he stared at you again as his gaze softened and he brushed away a loose strand of hair away from your face.

"[Name]," he murmured under his breath. Then he coughed into his hand and turned away, as if nothing happened.

Back to the present—Ludwig knocked gently on your bedroom door and opened it a crack. You could see his faint outline, but couldn't see his eyes. He could sure see you, though, from the shaded light coming from the window behind a curtain. Your beautiful [e/c] eyes seemed to shine gold in the darkness, your [h/c] hair glowing faintly. You and that innocent facial expression of yours—your mouth curved in a small "o" and head slightly tipped to the side.

"Dammit," he growled, trying to clear his mind of you. Not that he didn't like you, but it was a bit sidetracking when he was trying to focus on his tasks at hand.

"Huh?" You couldn't quite hear what he said. After all, Ludwig was a bit far away.

"Nothing," Ludwig coughed. He was in his black t-shirt, and his army green uniform pants. You had to refrain from making a really stupid comment on his clothing and how it suited him.

"I couldn't get the power back on," Ludwig continued, getting into his serious mode. "But it's nearly what, nine? We should probably get to bed anyways so we can have an early start tomorrow morning, right?" You nodded at his idea, and lay down in bed as Ludwig was about to close the door. Just as the door was two centimeters away from closing, he halted and then slammed it open, causing you to jump a foot high and the snoring Gilbert to wake up.

"Uhwhuh—Old Fritz, whaddaya—what?!" Gilbert stammered as Ludwig hooked his elbow around his neck, pulling him off the foot of your bed. You couldn't help but snicker slightly, thinking 'Jealous much?' to yourself. You just stared as Gilbert screamed incessantly as he was dragged out of the room, and shivered as his muffled screams disappeared downstairs. Then Ludwig appeared in your doorway again, and said as if nothing happened, "Well, [Name]… Good night, ja?"

"W-wait," you stuttered. "I'm sort-of cold… Can you sit with me for a little bit?"

Ludwig sighed. "Ja, whatever…" You were a little startled as he climbed under the covers with you, fluffing up a pillow behind his head to rest on. You closed your eyes for a bit, and sighed contentedly as you felt a little warmer than before; an arm wrapped gently around your waist and you grinned, now semi-conscious as you whispered, "Danke, Doitsu…"

Ludwig sighed exasperatedly, blushing as he said, "Go to sleep, [Name]!"

You nodded and tucked your head under his chin, as your breathing slowed and you finally fell asleep, as the snow continued to fall outside. Ludwig hugged you slightly closer to his chest, as he put his lips to your hair and fell asleep gradually as well.

"Night, [Name]…"
I guess this is sort of a continuation of [link] so... It might make more sense if you read that, right? :)

Story belongs to me, but of course you belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:!
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