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July 22, 2012
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Chapter 1

"Ve, [Name]! I was just talking with Russia, and he told me this creepy story about a house just a little bit from here!" Italy yelled at you from across the table after the World Meeting ended once more, with nothing accomplished. "Wanna come with us? I got Germany and Japan to join too!"

Your eyes glittered with a manical excitement, and you stood up, yelling back, "Definitely!"

The other nations perked up at your loud conversation, and others joined in chorus, some louder than the others.

"Well, if Japan's going, I have to take care of him! He's my little brother, aru!" came China's response from the end of the table. Russia nodded to himself silently, already planning on going.

"Hey, British wank, are you coming with us?" France asked the sleeping England, poking his fuzzy head with a fountain pen. The Britishman woke up almost immediately, and snorted, "Of course I am, limey. If it's haunted, I can actually talk to the creatures." America started laughing,
"England can talk to his imaginary friends again!"

From there on, all chaos erupted as you and the Axis Powers snuck out the door, closing it with a small click no one could possibly hear among all the ruckus.

After three hours of walking, lots of complaining from you and Italy about sore legs and tired backs, and lots of scolding and weird looks from Germany and Japan, you'd reached the manor the rumor spoke about.

"Ve... It's really here!" Italy's shaky voice said, unsure. You glanced over to see him frightened, jittery as if he just had a spoonful of pure
caffeine. You patted his back, and sighed, "It's alright. Probably just an old house; I'm pretty sure it's a hoax or something, right?" He gulped and nodded slightly, not as scared as he was before.

"I thought it was just a rumor," Japan murmured quietly, gazing at the house in awe. "I never thought we would actually find it."

"Eh, Bruder called me and wanted to tag along," Germany piped up. "Just as a warning, ja."

Speak of the devil, you thought to yourself, rolling your eyes as the albino thundered up the pathway.

"Hey peeps, what's going on?" Prussia cackled as he straightened out the blue uniform he was wearing. "Hey, this place has a really desolate feel, West. Not bad! And even [Name]'s here. That must mean something." He wiggled his eyebrows at you, trying to seduce you, but you stuck out your tongue, blushing and looking away.

"Guys, guys. It's a house," you blurted, making your way to the front door. "I'm going to go in and explore, and whoever's brave enough can follow me!" You pushed the door open, and Italy started crying, "Vee, [Name]! Please don't leave me!" You heard footsteps behind you, and held the door open to the teary-eyed Italy. "Any other takers?"

"I don't think it's very interesting," Germany scoffed, crossing his arms and glaring at you, waiting for the others to put in their thoughts.

"A-ano, [Name]... Germany-san's right, can't we just look at it from the outside and then go back?" Japan wondered aloud to you, a slightly panicked expression clouding his face. You glared daggers at the trio standing as still as statues outside, and grumbled, "Fine, Italy and I will go explore. Don't worry about US if we don't come back out by sunset!"

"Yeah, Doitsu, Nihon," Italy whined. "And Prussia-sama, after all the trouble we went through to get here? We'll just be here for a little while, please?" The three outside exchanged skeptical glances, then nodded to each other and headed for the door. Prussia snickered, "Italy's calling me Prussia-sama, so I'm definitely goin' in." Germany stared at him, and Prussia looked away quickly, muttering, "West's being West again..."


As you entered the old, musty house, you noticed it was a lot cleaner than you'd expect it to be. A few papers were littered over the floor here and there, rotting, but otherwise all the busts and other decor were hanging upright and in the correct places. You breathed in, then breathed out slowly, sensing the life that had once been there.

"Ahh..." you sighed, stretching out your arms. "I wonder if there's anything valuable here?"

"Forget that. Can we just leave now?" Germany nagged, inspecting the floorboards and shuffling his feet nervously. Prussia laughed his signature laugh, and clapped his little brother on the back, the sound echoing across the room.

"Kesese! What's the matter, West? Are you scared?!" Prussia laughed again, and then strolled in as if he were the owner of the place. Germany growled something, but nobody noticed as they started looking around as well.


The noise had come from another room in the house, and everyone jumped, frightened.

"G-gah," you squeaked as you and Italy hugged each other tightly. "Ve, [Name]..."

"Now do you think we should leave?!" Germany hollered at the two of you, pointing at where the noise came from. Japan quickly walked up to the angry German, and put a soothing hand on his shoulder. "Doitsu-kun, don't be silly. There are no such things as ghosts... Where's your common sense?" Germany loosened up, and said, "You're right, Japan. I'm sorry for yelling at you for that, [Name]." Japan, pleased with his peacemaking results, walked up the staircase leading to the source of the noise. "It's probably someone like America wreaking havoc up
there, and I can deal with someone like him..."

Even Prussia looked a little spooked as Japan disappeared from view. He seemed to reach out, and shouted, "Be careful, Japan! You better get your ass back down here before we have to go up and look for you!" Japan's muffled reply came, "I know, I'm just going to go see what's going on. Don't worry about me; after all, I've dealt with [Name] before, right?"

Although Japan's joke was pretty funny, nobody was able to even force a laugh. You shivered again, holding back the panic coming up your throat. You clutched onto Italy, and buried your face into his shirt as you waited for Japan to come back with some results. Prussia sat against the wall, biting his lip as Germany stood straight, determination plastered to his face.

It no longer seemed like a short exploration into an old mansion anymore. It wasn't a game anymore. It was going to be absolute war, and you knew it.

Your heart pounded, beat and thrashed for everyone here.

End of Chapter 1

(To be Continued)
HetaOni [Hetalia x Reader] [Series One]

Well, it seems like I've finished chapter one! It was tough incorperating the reader into this, even though the script was already there for me to use. :iconorzplz:

I'm not sure if I want to make this a [Hetalia x Reader], [One Heta-character x Reader] or just old-fashioned Reader-Insert with the person just being there and helping out with the clues. Have your say in the comments below. I'll make chapters 1-3 intro chapters in general, then I might bring the [x Reader] part into play. It depends on the audience this time!

Please don't post rude comments if you don't like.

Warning: There may be vulgar language, violence, death and gore in the upcoming chapters. Please don't read if you don't like that sort of stuff.

I do not own the HetaOni scripts or HetaOni itself. Credits go to whoever made them. Visit HetaoniScripts if you want to read the scripts alone.

I do not own Hetalia. Credits go to Himaruya Hidekaz.

Most of all, I don't own you. :)
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