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You stumbled backwards, clutching the wound on your arm as it steadily dripped red, sticky blood onto the floor you were just sitting on a few seconds ago. Your back hit the drywall with a thud, and you slumped to the floor, numb. The long gashes you'd suffered weren't deep, but were unreasonably long and painful. You squeezed your eyes shut tightly, two beads of tears trickling down your face.

Eyesight blurred, you tried to make out who—or what—it was in the darkness. Something tall, with a stocky body, powder white—two jewel-like, ruby red eyes glistened in what little light there was; you decided to tear off what you could from your hoodie to make a bandage, and struggled to stand up.

Whatever your attacker was, it wasn't standing around to make an impression. You began your long sprint to the closest door, sneakers pounding on the hard ground. It was the exit Japan had taken when he had left you there. The door was left open, but when you got into the hallway you managed to tackle it shut as a massive claw pounded against the door mercilessly and screeched as it made long talon marks down the wood.

Your strained breathing came out in puffs, but finally you tripped into a room, terrified as an elk chased by a pack of wolves. Japan looked up from an unconscious Germany who was on the floor, and shouted, "[Name]! Are you alright?" You winced at your cuts you'd received as Japan followed your gaze. "Gomenasai, I should've figured something would've happened—is it bad?"

"Oof, I don't know, but that thing is still outside, a little far away from here! We need to be careful!" You looked at Germany again, who was sitting upright with his back leaned against the wall with a cut on his head. Apparently it had stopped bleeding, but dried crusty blood caked a portion of his blonde hair, and dried streams of it had not been wiped off his left cheek. His hair was messy, and jacket unbuttoned; besides the obvious, he seemed to be okay. Deep in your thoughts, you didn't notice Japan was already inspecting your wound.

"It's a serious one," the Japanese man mumbled, troubled. "I knew there was some sort of mysterious presence here, but I don't expect it gave you this injury…?"

"Well, uh…" You fumbled with your words. It was hard to say; you barely got a good glimpse of the darn thing. "I think so, Japan. But I don't think it was a ghost…"

"Oni," Japan corrected you.

"Um, alright then…" You could go along with it, even though you weren't very clear on the idea. As Japan finished wiping off your arm, he turned his focus on Germany again.

"I found Doitsu-san just lying here," Japan said urgently. "I don't know what hurt him, but from the looks of it the cut isn't an accident, it was dealt by something. And from my knowledge, he may be dehydrated; his wound isn't beyond my help, but it needs some herbal medicine." You observed from afar agonizingly as Japan continued to try his best and wake Germany.

"Japan," you whispered. "Can you go look for water? I don't hear the uh, Oni anymore, so…" Japan gave a dip of his head to signal yes, and departed to explore the house further in search of water. You took a seat next to the sleeping German, and held his hand tenderly. It was cold, but still had life in it; you nudged him and grumbled something like, "Italia…" A wave of pity and another feeling rushed over you, and you couldn't help but curl up and cry.

You managed to stifle your sniffles down to a hiccup, and it was just in time for Japan's entrance into the quaint room again, a small chipped bowl in his cupped hands. He seemed to have his uncertain face on, but you didn't notice it.

"A-ano… This was all the water I could find," Japan uttered, holding the bowl out to your outstretched hands. You gave a weak reassuring smile and accepted it; then you nudged Germany again. This time, you succeeded.

"…Was?" Germany muttered, holding his head. Your eyes lit up, and you embraced him into a bear hug, relieved now that he was awake.
"God, Doitsu," you breathed. "You scared me!" He elbowed you away and slipped out of your grasp, saying, "Alright, alright, [Name]…" You stopped him by putting the water up to his lips. "Drink it—you're dehydrated or something, according to Japan." You had to admit you were slightly miffed by his uninterested reaction.

"Doitsu-san, are you feeling well?" Japan cut in. Still standing at the door, he was quite worried. Germany swallowed his gulp of water, and responded, "Ja. I feel a lot better, but this cut on my head…" He shook his head, and the resumed, "We'll talk later. Danke, Japan and [Name]." You sniffed snidely. "Welcome." Japan bowed politely and then left again, saying he should find Italy under his breath.

"Ah, [Name]," Germany coughed. "…Do you happen to know if Italy is okay?" You bristled again, and could help but snap, "No! The first person you ask about is him, and yet you don't worry about your own brother, Japan or some other people around you?" Germany recoiled at your ferocious temper, but then barked, "I care about them both, and unlike some hot-headed fraulein I know!"

You stared, and then croaked weakly, "Thanks." Then you lay down on the floor, his last few words ringing in your ears. The silence was deafening, but a few moments later, Germany broke it and put a hand on your shoulder.

"Hey, [Name]?"

You sniffled.

"What, Doitsu-jerk?"

"…I'm sorry, libeling."

You put your head against his shoulder.

"It's okay…"

He lifted your arm lightly and inspected it.

"Does it hurt?"

"Sorta. How about you?"

"I'm fine. I'm just talking about you right now…"

Again, perfect timing as Japan stumbled into the room again. But this time, he wasn't alone.

"Kesesese… Ow. The Awesome Me is here, and what do I see? Little bruder playing nurse?"
Finally, a chapter with Doitsu-san in it!

:iconfringedoitsu2plz:: You got yourself hurt for like, the billionth time. Gott!

You: Veeeee

Hima owns Hetalia.

And of course, you belong to :icondoitsuplz:
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foxyandtoyfoxy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
Please continue
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*glares at Prussia* Verdammt, Pruessen! Leave Bruder and [Name] alone!
Prussia: Kesesese~ Like that vould ever happen!
Germany: I hate jou both so much. Anyvays, did anybody find Italy?
Uh, no. Sorry but I vas busy helping Japan by vatching out for the Oni.
Reader: Okay, wtf is an Oni?
Ehehehe... *backflips out of room* I uh, gotta go do- SOMETHING SOMEVHERE ELSE IN THIS PLACE!
Japan: It is not really my place to say...
Germany: I've not really encountered them before, so don't ask me.
Prussia: I vill tell jou later, after mein Bruder is done playing nurse vith jou. Kesesesese~
Maiirym Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
I like it so far! Will you continue? I hope you'll do! :3333333333
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So excited to see what's next!!! Should of realised this sooner; NEVER READ IN QUIET DARKNESS!!!!!!
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cute. so when is chapter 4 coming?


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I might... I've been busy lately ^^;
DemonChan22 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
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Me: (reading story) TT_TT aw the feels... i love you germany-
Germany: (in the story) unlike some hot-headed fraulein I know!
Me: (reading story) BWAAHAHAHAHAHA- sorry.... i don't know why that's funny... really.... i don't know....fraulein... random german... sorry.
Germany: :icondoitsuplz: .....
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