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You rolled over under your quilt as you listened to the rain slip down the window next to you. You slid your touchscreen phone up and down, listening to it make clicking noises as the keyboard hit the main screen. You grinned slightly to yourself as you felt Mathias shift next to you as he let out a little snore and looped his arm around you. You grinned to yourself as you thought about the other day and snuggled into the crook of his arm.

The other day you were texting him in bed, as you usually do with your other friends like Elizabeta or Lili; you just couldn't keep your hands off the phone.


You: hey, you awake bro?

Mathias: i'm not your bro stupid

You: haha you're mean >:P

Mathias: whatevs today i sold a bunch of dolls that sve [1] made

You: those witch ones—haha I heard from Iceland that you were super noisy

Mathias: that's a good thing duh I'm just that cool

You: lame

Mathias: that's mean too :(

You: sowwyyy :(

Mathias: haha that's cute

You: I'm not cute!!!!!

Mathias: whatevs. Wanna see who can stay awake the longest?

You: I'm so cool that I can stay awake longer than you. Whoever stays awake longest gets chocolate

Mathias: fine. How late do you usually stay up til?

You: not this late… haha

Mathias: you're gonna lose

You: let's just see!!! I can stand up to anything dude!!!


Turns out you fell asleep. You jumped up in bed, your hair a mess and your [e/c] eyes widened in shock. You'd lost! You picked up your phone from the ground where you'd dropped it, and scrolled down to your last text with Mathias.

Mathias: hahahahaha I guess I win! You owe me chocolate, [y/n]~I want dark chocolate!!

You growled to yourself in frustration, imagining the arrogant Dane with his awesome hair laughing by himself while Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden looked on. You couldn't help thinking that he was pretty cute, though; the other day in math class, he was drawing circles on your back and you ended up shouting at him… and in biology, he leaned his head back on your desk while you told him to close his eyes.

"Close your eyes, Mathias," you chided in a flirtatious, singsong voice. Mathias gave you a skeptical look and snickered. "What is it, [y/n]? Fine, I will." He obviously expected something romantic from you, but he got something else. You took out a black permanent marker and connected his two eyebrows into one as the marker squeaked. You burst out laughing.


"Oh Gud [2], [y/n]!"

You couldn't help but keep cracking up as the Dane inspected his new unibrow.

And the other day, when you were walking down the hall with him…

"Hey pretty, want to come and have a beer with me?" Mathias called out to Lili, who was walking with Vash. Vash cursed at Mathias in Swiss, and pulled Lili away as she waved limply at you with a small smile. You grabbed Mathias' wrist and dragged him away, while he protested and whined.

"Aww, [y/n]! What the heck, I was just about to get a date!"

"Shut up! You obviously failed!"

"Pff. It was all because that grumpy Swiss guy with the gun pulled her away."

"...yeah, right."

"No really! I'd like to see you do better!"

You blushed at his words. It was true you didn't have a boyfriend, but the person you liked was already hitting on other girls. You glared daggers at him while Mathias remained oblivious.

"Whaaat, [y/n]?"

"…will you go out with me?"

Mathias cupped his ear and leaned in closer to you.

"What, [y/n]? I didn't hear you~!"

Your voice was even quieter this time, your face red as Romano's whenever he got mad or embarrassed.

"...will you go out with me?"

Mathias looked surprised, and then put you into a headlock.

"Ahahahaha, yeah! If you liked me, why didn't you say so earlier?"

You didn't respond, and instead let him noogie you as you walked with him to the bus stop, a cool fall breeze blowing by.

"Hey, [y/n], Sve didn't want me to go home until later today, so I guess I'll entertain you until I can go home. Besides, it'll keep you awake!"

You grumbled inwardly at his joke, "Whatever."

"I guess that's a yes!"

Oh boy. It was going to be a long, long night with this Dane around—he's going to be sure to pull out all the movies and microwave all the popcorn.


You couldn't remember how Denmark ended up alongside with you in bed, but it was warm with him there. You snuggled closer and whispered into his ear, "I love you."

Mathias' blue eyes snapped open, and he murmured back, "I was waiting for you to say that.   
Jeg elsker også dig."

You pecked him on the lips, and pulled the quilt farther up.

It wasn't that bad with Mathias around after all.
Lili and Vash Zwingli...

Lichtenstein and Switzerland...

[1] - Sve is Sweden.
[2] - Gud is not praise, it's Danish for God.

Hungary is Elizabeta... I love Denmark! Denmark of course, is Mathias.


Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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