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Quick [Hetalia: Prussia x Reader]
Quick [Hetalia: Prussia x Reader]
A warm and rough sea spray blew into your face as crowds of chattering people passed you by, holding balloons, food, or toys bought from the street vendors littering the seaside. Small children stood atop the jagged rocks and mound seawalls, impatiently waiting for the crabs to wander into the buckets lowered into the square holes below. You could see the sea barrier in the distance. You smiled to yourself gently, remembering you thought the barrier was an offshore construction facility. You took in one last breath of the salty seawater and turned away, leaping onto the busy sidewalk without a last glance.
“Scheisse,” Ludwig swore under his breath as he ran a hand through his hair. He had a map of the giant city unfolded in his hand, crinkled in some places and red marker dotting lines throughout the streets. Feliciano followed closely behind, a cup of steaming ramen in his hand as he struggled hopelessly with a pair of disposable chopsti
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OCs :iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 4 0
Amour [Hetalia: France x Reader]
You were walking towards Francis' house when you saw him talking to a young man. The young man seemed extremely startled, but you could pick up snippets of their conversation.
"They say the government is like a ship..."
You listened to them talk, then watched as Francis began to walk away. You caught up with him.
"Hey, I finally found you..."
You could swear there was a flicker of pain in his eyes as you caught up to him, but as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.
"Bonjour, [Name]! What a lovely evening to meet you on, oui?"
You nodded.
He continued, "I was just talking to another young man over there a few minutes ago. He asked me how I could exist and look the same for over 50 years..." He paused to chuckle.
"Some people think immortality of being a representative country is wonderful, and yet... They don't quite undrstand that to be immortal is to sacrifice many privileges." You were surprised; he rarely had this bitter tone in his voice.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean," Francis said
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Nightmares [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
A cold, unforgiving sky kept scattering white ashes over the landscape. The smell of cigarette smoke and burning flesh mingled with one another, as small embers sparked in sporadic fashion in messy camps around you. You were frozen to the spot, your feet not obeying your orders no matter how much you wanted them to break into a run, away from the land. Shards of green were implemented into your feet, bleeding red onto the ground.
Away from your nightmares, away from your dreams—you wanted to get away so badly. And yet, it was another one of those dreams where you found yourself incapable of controlling your own movements. Your dreams hurt. The landscape was flat, barren.
Another painful reminder: flat, barren, grey, dead. One more reminder: broken liquor bottles, the stained green glass littered all over the ground like shining confetti. A party broken apart, a few people terminated. It didn’t matter anyways. Their families didn’t wait for them to catch up, to run awa
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Star Charts [Hetalia: S. Italy x Reader]
"This Astrology class is getting on my nerves. What a waste of my summer," you grumbled as you studied the star chart the professor had handed you. You were up at your local university (which was one of the top in the area) where they held interesting summer classes like teaching you how to use Photoshop, or 3-D Animation or even Professional Filming. Out of all those classes, you chose Astrology!
"See, now I have to spend my sleeping time on this by running up here to the telescopes on the gusty roof of this building to create my own star chart as a final project," you continued as Lovino cracked his eye open just slightly to watch you hold your papers down as another gale caused the mounted telescopes to shake.  
"Ahh, well," Lovino muttered, regretting that he'd come up here without a jacket. "Too bad, huh, ragazza?"  
"Sympathy, please?"
He leaned forward in his chair. "You signed up for this, so you can't regret it now, bella."
"Oh, well," you sighed as you continued to
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1942 [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
You couldn't help but stop him from leaving. He was leaving for a no-good reason, just to do his job. His job raked in money, and supposedly helped everyone. The final solution was just to get rid of all the wounds in the country, and this was it.
"Warum sind Sie mich anhalten—why are you stopping me?"
"This isn't a job," you hissed, your anger deep-pitted in your eyes. "You're killing people." Every time you looked at his uniform and his serious expression, you realized that he was part of it now. Every single time you would look at him, your eyes would accidentally stray to the holster latched to his belt, and the thoughts in your mind would halt, the world swaying.
And yet he looked so much like the same person he used to be. Pale blue eyes, which you usually saw as a beautiful sky blue; everything was reflected in them. Blond hair, slicked back into perfection, and serious face. Only thing missing was his spirit.
"People," you repeated as he refused to meet your eyes. Your defiance
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Jokes [Hetalia: America x Reader]
"You got me a new Wii? No way, Alfred—you really got me one?!"
Your best buddy winked at you with a thumbs-up, taking his headphones off to talk to you. "For my favorite chick, I'll get you anything!"
"Oh my God, Alfred," you sighed as you were about to open the box. "I never knew that you'd do this… Never knew that Wii consoles were so light, though."
His smirk twitched slightly. "Uh, yeah… I've—I've got a meeting to go to, so have fun playing your new toy!" He gave you one last smile, but there was something to it that you just couldn't really decide on. You shrugged. This was a Christmas present from a friend, so you should just appreciate it as it is, right?
You opened the box, and gaped at what was inside. You dropped the box, letting the contents spill out.
It was a Wii box, filled with not a Wii but with a heap of new chewing gum. Your fists clenched as you heard the Jeep outside rev, and you ran outside onto your front lawn with a very good reason to curse at the smirking Ameri
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Bad Day [Hetalia: Prussia x Reader]
Bad Day [Hetalia: Prussia x Reader]
"Can you please just turn that thing down?" You slammed the door after you, the smoldering glint of fury in your [e/c] eyes. Then you tossed your jacket across the couch and threw your backpack into a chair as the loud Green Day music finally came to a lilting halt from the living room.
Your favorite albino man watched you flop onto the sofa with an annoyed mask for a face, his eyebrows creased slightly in the middle. He watched you for another split second before he padded to your side and patted your shoulder slightly.
"Kesese. You okay, Frau?"
"No, shut up. I mean, sorry, Gilbo." You could feel him tense slightly at your words. He sat down beside you and looped a relaxed arm around your shoulders as you put your face down into your hands, shutting out the stupid world.
"Frau, you can tell me anything," Gilbert chortled as he laid his head back on the sofa cushion. You took your hands away from your face, and laid your head on his shoulder as you m
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Memory Loss [4] [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
Your screams echoed through the cramped meeting room as a shot rang out, and red began to speckle the dark carpet.
"So, [Name]…? Will you marry me?"
"We've finally caught them, and they were completely off-guard too, dude!"
"All this time, they were hiding here, da?"
You remember time had seemingly slowed down, and you were shielding Ludwig as you murmured, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes," into his ear. He gave you a sad smile and slid the ring onto your finger as he joined hands with you and tried to block the two Allied powers from getting to you.
Another painful memory… you were in a dank cell, and water dripped into your hair from a leaky corner of the containment area. You were at your breaking point because of this, and when you glanced over at your hand, the ring was gone. The delicate diamond along with the ring—gone; you wanted to start sobbing then, but you had to stay strong for what lay ahead.
"I'll cut a deal with you, bro," Alfred's roughened voice said to you as he sm
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Forget! [Hetalia: Iceland x Reader]
"It's Trial 2 of your program, Kiku," you said into your mouthpiece quietly. "We want it to work without any near-death experiences this time, okay?" You saw Kiku nod from the monitor hanging by a refined metal set which had dropped down from the ceiling. He had the guilty expression on his face and dipped his head slightly.
"Gomen, [Name]-san," the polite Japanese man apologized. "I've fixed some major issues with this program we've been testing lately, but because Doitsu-san is absent today because he was busy with his work, I've decided to add in another part to the game: online connections."
You grimaced just a bit, but corrected your posture before he noticed you via webcam. "Alright, can you explain that to me?" Kiku nodded in response, and began to key in some stuff into his laptop. Small windows with holograms and digital simulations popped up onto the monitor as you sat into the simulation chair, putting your sleek hologram glasses on; you seemed to fall into a trance as somet
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Texting [VER. 3] [Hetalia: Allied Forces x Reader]
Conversation with China (Wang Yao)
Thursday, 7:43 PM
You: Have you gotten the hang of texting yet?
China: I'm trying to type
You: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst at texting I think you're -400
China: You mean. What you doing.
You: Correcting your grammar. It's supposed to be "You're mean. What ARE you doing?"
China: Shit up
You: O_o What?
China: I mean shut up
You: I think you deserve an F- in language and social skills
China: Impossible. Asian people never get F
You: Well congrats; you just broke a new world record
China: :)
You: I think you meant :(
China: Oh.
China: :(
You: There you go. You get a D- for your efforts
China: :)
Conversation with France (Francis Bonnefoy)
Friday, 8:09 AM
You: I'm so bored I'm resorting to texting you to free myself of my boredom
France: Tee hee.
You: You never say tee hee! O_O You say "ohonhonhonhon"!
France: It's too much work for my beautiful fingers, oui?
You: …
France: Ouuuui?
You: Anyways, whatchu doing in your cl
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 222 58
Texting [VER. 2] [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
Conversation with Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)
Wednesday, 9:07 AM
You: I hope this text got your phone taken away because your phone will ring! Bwahaha!
Germany: Was…? Who is this?
You: Guess who it is, man. Just guess.
Germany: Oh Gott… Is this you, bruder?
You: I'm going to make you eat gruel if you think I'm your brother.
Germany: …[Name]. We're both in class, so stop texting.
You: …no.
Germany: Please stop texting me.
You: …no. If you ask one more time, a surprise awaits you.
Germany: Knock it off, [Name].
You: You asked for it.
Germany: ?
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
Germany: I just turned the sound on for my phone on accident! Oh Gott [Name], stop! The teacher…!
You: spam
You: spam
You: spam
Germany: Schiesse. See me afterschool at my house, 2 o' clock sharp. I need to punish—TALK to you.
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Texting [Hetalia: Russia x Reader]
Monday, 11:27 PM – Conversation with Russia (Ivan Braginski)
You: Hey you! :) Are you still awake?
Russia: Da.
You: What are you doing up so late?
Russia: I'm watching TV, but there's nothing good on, so Ivan decided to watch Jack Frost.
You: So you're watching Jack Frost.
Russia: Da.
You: I hated that movie! Hahaha now I can't stop laughing… Sorry, I'm just laughing for stupid reasons.
Russia: …can't [Name] ever stop laughing?
Russia: Ivan has an impulse to walk over to your house and kill you now, da.
You: But it's snowing bricks out there, and it's like -10 degrees. And my house is uphill from yours.
Russia: …it's worth it, just to make little [Name] stop laughing
You: O_O Oh god
Russia: I'm heading over right now. ^J^
Tuesday, 7:30 AM
You: I'm alive!!
Russia: I couldn't find a good knife in your house, so I left
You: O_O
Russia: Ivan is being serious, da?
You: ...!
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 227 126
Snowboarding [Hetalia: Prussia x Reader]
"Are you sure about this, [Name]?"
For the first time ever, you could hear the concern in Gilbert's voice. He stared at you as he sat his butt down on the shingles of the roof where there wasn't a patch of snow. You two had decided for winter break that you would camp out in the woods in a small but cozy cabin, and you'd brought a good camera and of course, warm clothing plus your new snowboard.
You shot an angry look at your boyfriend. "Of course I'm sure! I'm not going to bring this equipment all this way to put it under my cabin bed!"
Remember, you were on the cabin's roof, where there was a nice, soft and fluffy layer of snow—and you were preparing to snowboard down the steep roof.
"[Name]…" Gilbert warned as you kicked off, snow flying up in whirls around you. Your board was cutting through that layer of snow, and as you prepared to turn a 360 in midair, something caught on your board. Some metal box sticking through the snow, which was lightly disguised with the powder—dammit! It
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 107 60
Andorra and N. Italy [Commission] :iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 1 7 Macaroni Brothers [Hetalia: Italy/Romano] :iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 4 6
Don't use my OCs or their description without asking!

If you send me a little note telling me you'll be using them, I'd be happy to respond and let you use them! :)


hey everyone! as you may have noticed, I've been on hiatus for a few months now! school has been getting in the way of everything with lots of AP/IB classes, so I don't have as much time as I want/need to write reader inserts. however! don't be disappointed, because:

1) I've written a ton of reader inserts (mostly Germany and Prussia for now, a little more here and there)
2) I'm taking HETALIA RELATED READER INSERT REQUESTS for the first FIVE people to comment on this journal

I'm only taking the first five, no excuses. I'll upload my submissions either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how I'm feeling and if I'm done with all my outlines

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